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Centrifugal force, really
SSar's Beast
I'm here in Wellington and my parents are... who-knows-where, North of here.

~I have my own room now. It is small but cosy. I have two apartment mates: one is quiet, a second-year, a girl who has the same name as me with the variation of one letter. The other is the party-type; she seems nice enough. Friendly.

~Was invited to get pissed; it's my first night after all. No, I'm sitting at an internet café in my cloak, completely sober. I'm good, aren't I? I like some of these people. There's a cool open guy who thinks of himself as a kind of Beatle. There's a girl on my floor who MUST come from EGGS - I'm SURE I know her! I'll have to try to talk to her this week.

~Some very polite English faculty members have told me that, yes, there was a computer error, and indeed I AM accepted into English 249. A thanks out to all efficient, considerate administrators.

~I'm happy. I'm more happy than I expected to be. And goodness do I have a lot of chocolate. Mum managed to hide some in my letter-writing box.

~I wrote two postcards and one letter tonight, and ate almost no chocolate.

~I worried about everyone with only vague specificity. (Collect this for your list of oxymorons.) I did not worry about myself at all.

~I missed people cheerfully. That's possible, you know. It's possible to miss people by thinking about them and realising how lucky you are to even have these people to miss, and by this system of thought feel happier, feel inspired.

~Spent the afternoon happily.

~Tomorrow I get welcomed to Victoria University with a special speech from the Mayor! w00t! *snort*

I love you all. I love you all. Be well as you can, be well, be well... Praise.

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Well, goodness, how could they possibly keep you out of English 249? Wot were they even thinking of? I do like the quick use of that old standby - the computer error. Damn these computers! Can't they think for themselves?

Above all, I applaud your ability to seek out an internet café as one of your priorities.

Huzzah! You are finally there!

What a good Morbane, updating despite the option of getting drunk...

What a good EveningStar, delivering faintly sardonic comments with the perfect light tone. *grins* You would, too, wouldn't you? *grinning*

I'm happy you're happy.

I'm happy that my happiness can transfer to you.

~Tomorrow I get welcomed to Victoria University with a special speech from the Mayor! w00t! *snort*

I told Nie about this. She was most impressed by you people being welcomed by the mayor. *nodnod*

Pity we were too late to hear the welcome. *sheepish look*

Morbane! You ungrateful wench...and that nice politician doing so much for you!

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