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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Erg. Fights with friends always suck. Just always. Anything else I could say about that would just be an embellishment on the theme. And it's 3:24am, which is somewhat relevant, but more relevant to the fact that I'm doing an all-nighter. But that relates to the fight too. How circular.

Sometimes when I feel really crappy, especially after/during fights, I just want to run away physically and mentally, and today I could actually do that, because another friend was still awake and her flat was watching movies and I could sit on their lounge floor and drink tea. It is/was pouring outside. It reminded me of first-year hijinks, and times that Layne and I, or Corey and I, or all three of us, would be wandering around the centre of the city long after dark. One time in Espressoholic it had been pouring much harder than this, and I had worn my great brown cloak, and every thread was soaked. I must have dripped several litres onto the café floor.

Anyway, time to get some tea into me. I need to leave for work in 3.5 hours, and learn the basics of XML in that time, and get rather a lot of definitions from the OED.

Edit add:

And it appears I cannot be bothered. Possibly I am getting just a little wiser as I grow older. All-nighters do suck. I hope everyone has a good night (tonight, already, when applicable).