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SSar's Beast
Doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 'AIRPLANE!', does it? Oh well.

I am currently sitting in Orlando Airport, with Joel. He is playing Starcraft. I am happily drinking Starbucks and using the free internet. We're such yuppies. To be honest, I'll take all the decadence I can get right now, because I have 35 more hours of airplanes and airports ahead of me. Ugh. This is how I envisage my return home: "HI STEPH! HUG! I MISSED YOU! BRB, need shower."

I realise I should have been blogging about things like Dragon*Con (I fully intend to write a detailed report, which probably means it'll be too long for anyone to read) and the things no one tells you about being a tourist, like OMG!Laundry. Those will come! Possibly they will come in a couple of hours, when Joel has left for San Francisco and I am here aloooone.

The way this works is that I am flying directly home (Orlando-LAX-Auckland-Wellington), but Joel is going to the Human Synergistics offices in Chicago, by way of Human Synergistics in Utah, by way of Las Vegas, by way of San Francisco, by way of Dallas (stopover). (Keeping up? Well done!!) He is going to San Francisco, with a ticket to W00tstock, tonight, and then on to company business. So Joel's flight leaves three and a half hours before mine.

This is a bit silly, but I am going to miss him. You know you're in a healthy (or, possibly, dependent) relationship when you spend ALL of your time with someone for four weeks, and then, when faced with a separation of a mere week, you feel slightly gloomy. Only slightly gloomy.

You are allowed to point and laugh. Even bitter laughter.

My suitcase is almost exactly at the weight limit, much of which is gifts. That said, there were a couple of people I wanted to buy presents for, and I just couldn't find anything I thought they'd like. No tacky shot glasses here. I'm still in Orlando airport, though, which has quite a nice shopping selection, so...?

I am getting back midday-ish on Sunday - I will probably be exhausted, but I'll be looking forward to seeing people, so I'd love it if you'd make arrangements to catch up with me then or during the week. And I want to offload the gifts. Paul and Ellen - I have a package of stuff for you.

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Aw! It will be lovely to have you back, and just for you, I'm going to violate a principal I swore I wouldn't. I'll leave you to figure out what that means. :)

Hah, I have no idea!

I'm really hoping that I get to Auckland in good time, manage to bump up my flight to Wellington, get home by noon, and then that we can go to the vege market together!

After four weeks of American restaurant food (most of which was excellent, some of which was less so, almost all of which was heavy) I am looking forward to a week of chickpeas and lentils and rice and vege curries.

Sounds like fun! I'm really impressed that you think you'll have the energy to go to the market after so much travelling! Are you one of the lucky ones who can sleep on airplanes?

I nap a little, not much. The more exhausted I am, the more I am hyper, until a period has elapsed after which I collapse!

So, as you saw, we went to the market in my bouncy phase.

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