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Dragon*Con gifts
SSar's Beast
Okay guys! If you can think of a small gift I could bring you from Dragon*Con, ask now! No guarantees, but if I can't think of anything to get for you, I will not get it, even if you are a friend for whom I would usually enjoy buying presents. So suggestions are in your interest.

Yes I am having fun and it is hectic. The internet access situation here is a little odd, so I am not posting much, but will post more fully on Dragon*Con later.

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A sew-on patch appropriate for the uniform in a sci-fi or fantasy show? Not Firefly, I already have ones for that. Battlestar Galactica, or Star Trek maybe. Or something with the glyph from Heroes. Of course, if it were (by some strange happenstance) to turn out that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have a stall at Dragon*Con (I doubt it), then get me one of the Neil Gaiman scents and I'll pay you back :)

If I'm not someone you were intending to buy a present for, that's absolutely fine, and ignore this post.

Sorry, Ellen, Dragon*Con finished on Monday. And there was no perfume stall that I noticed, although plenty of the other merchandise made me squee.

I did get you a book.

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