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what has fallen where, oh my world?
SSar's Beast
The car is packed. Now I'm sitting at the computer while my parents make arrangements to fly to the US for Grandpa's memorial service. Grandma called early this morning with news that he had passed away (peacefully). I didn't know him, particularly, as a person... Mum's holding up pretty well. It wasn't completely a surprise, though, not since he was put in hospital last week with various injuries related to falling down stairs. Can you believe that? Falling down a flight of stairs. World?

My friends held an informal party yesterday to farewell me. And Pip came. It was wonderful, and I have flowers, and I have love to take away. I have such a long list of "people to write to once I get down there" that I probably ought to start writing letters in the car.

I wish it would stop raining across the country. This is not a drought. And you can identify that figure of speech as litotes.

Went to the dentist; teeth all fine but I've been told to stop eating lemons. Darn it! No! Must have lemons!

*subsides gloomily*

I wonder where I'll be tonight...? We were going to be in New Plymouth if we left right after my dentist appointment, but now we might aim for somewhere closer to Auckland.

I hope Grandma's okay...

*two minutes later*

Ah shit.

Just got my Offer of Study from Vic. I'm accepted in all courses except for the 200-level Special Topic. Victoria University! That isn't fair! Aw man... more people to talk to... Well. Oh well. We'll see.

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litotes (actually I think this is just denial): I'm not missing you. No I'm not no I'm not...

Oh SSar, I'm so sorry to hear that. You and your family have my complete sympathies. Even if you didn't know him particularly it's still hard, especially being so far away and all. And right now when you're leaving home. Your poor parents. *Sighs. *Hugs.

I miss you. I have no idea when you'll read this, or how long it's been since you left (I nearly wagged History to try and call you this morning), but give me a yell in any verbal/written/electronic form when you do arrive, or see this... I wish we had spoken more yesterday, but what can you do... and your friends are fun *tired smile.

Thinking of you, muchly.

Now go. Be good. I always tell people to do that, but they always disobey me. I understand how confusing it is to be told someone has died and they are related to you, but so distant from you that you don't know how to feel. Well, that's how I felt in those circumstances. Or rather, didn't feel, due to confusion.

And after that paragraph, we're all confused.

Wot is this 200-level Special Topic? It sounds very complicated and is reminding me of a jar of jelly beans, for some reason. I should stop typing now - I'm only scaring you.

Remember: be good

I'm being very good. And confused as I may be, I'm not confused by you.

Can you believe that? Falling down a flight of stairs. World?

I get to gape now. Why? Because I fell down the stairs yesterday and found it rather fun...

Granted, it was only a few stairs, but still...

Falling down stairs have been some of my favourite moments. But unfortuantely, it's not a luxury granted to 75-year-olds. *wry look* Pity.

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