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Bon voyage a moi.
SSar's Beast
Off to the States! Call Joel in any emergency that relates to either of us! Have a great time! I will send postcards.

Joel originally thought our flight was at eight AM; we confirmed that it was at nine AM, but this led to us waking up at 6:30am for no good reason. So I`m sitting at the guest computer, surprised to be killing time.

...We badly need a new keyboard for the guest computer.


My idea of packing was to spend 120 minutes in the library photocopying scholarly articles, and 20 minutes chucking clothes and other essentials into my suitcase.

I can't believe I even considered doing an allnighter last night to get an assignment done before leaving. Luckily, holiday mode has kicked in, and I don't care quite enough right now.

Maybe I'll get some flash fiction written on the plane.

Amor atque vale?

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Clearly you were being channelled by the cheerful young woman from Melbourne who sat next to me in my last flight.

Have a great trip, may you get some relaxing in amongst the study.

Thanks! I am relaxing already; Joel is pleasantly surprised by how not-crazy I'm acting, compared to the stress of the last few weeks. I hope you're doing well too.

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