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Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...
SSar's Beast
I have lots of things around me that remind me of various friends. I hope it doesn't worry you, EveningStar, that the item I possess that reminds me of you is a shirt known mostly as "Evil". Which doesn't transfer to you. It's just that it makes me think of Macbeth, and the play's various references to eternal bloodstains... So, Lady Macbeth, it would suit you.

The Evil Red Shirt is the most un-colour-fast thing I've ever encountered. I can't even wear it in the rain. Bad things happen. I wash it, and it turns the water cordial-crimson. It has to be hung up where it won't drip on anything important. Even when merely DAMP, it's a menace. However, I am capable of ironing it. (Yay.) (I am not capable of ironing much.)

And it, like all the other things, goes in a box...

The front porch is alarming me. Too many things are on it. Okay, so one large box of clothing is probably not excessive, nor are two boxes of books (the bookshelves in my bedroom look untouched) unreasonable. But all the stuff... a fan, a heater, a desk lamp, a book case, etc... I feel weak.

And I still have stuff to pack.

I'm sick but feeling better. The very-sensitive-skin feeling has passed to a dazy dreamy feeling. I'm quite well, I think, although I'm still wandering around the house trying to put scissors in the cutlery drawer, and telling Pip, "Say hi to me from your friends," instead of "Say hi to your friends from me." How silly.

Fewer than 24 hours left in Auckland, for me.

In case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good-night...

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Are you excited? Scared? Hungry? Do you have to share a room with someone? Have I asked too many questions yet?

Good luck with your moving. And I say hi to you from all my friends.

Yes, yes, no, no, no. :D

Thank you.

And I say hi back, Buneater my dear.

PS: Are you stalking me now, too? You seem an awfully good stalker.

Maybe I am...

I have become rather good at stalking of late. I think it's due to my innate ability to be absolutely quiet and go through people's rubbish in the middle of the night. Don't panic, though. As a stalker, the most terrifying thing I would ever do is leave a mint chocolate on your pillow before you go to sleep.

But that's cute!!

I am a failure as a stalker.


Hmm...I am rather aren't I? :P Yay! Morbane is reminded of me! and I'm her friend! *Cries big exaggerated sobs into a lacy hankercheif.

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