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This Year I Am Actually Organised About The New Zealand Film Festival!
SSar's Beast
I present to you: a list of films I would like to see at the Film Festival this year.
Bold: booked already
Italic: very tempted
Ordinary: will probably only see if someone else wants to come too.

Saturday 17th July, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, Paramount, 7pm
Sunday 18th July, Summer Wars, Paramount, 5:45pm
Monday 19th July, The Woman with the 5 Elephants, Film Archive, 6:15pm
Monday 19th July, Once Upon a Time in the West, Embassy, 8:30pm
Tuesday 20th July, Scheherezade, Tell Me A Story, Paramount, 8:15pm
Wednesday 21st July, Poetry, Paramount, 8:30pm
Wednesday 21st July, Cooking History, Soundings Theatre, 8:30pm
Friday 23rd July, I Love You Phillip Morris, Embassy, 3:45pm
Saturday 24th July, Cooking History, Paramount, 11:15am
Saturday 24th July, Agora, Embassy, 1pm
Saturday 24th July, The Ghost Writer, Embassy, 8:45pm
Sunday 25th July, I Love You Phillip Morris Embassy, 8:45pm
Tuesday 27th July, Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockabee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio, City Gallery Cinema, 12:15pm
Tuesday 27th July, The Wind Journeys, Embassy 6:15pm
Wednesday 28th July, The Strange Case of Angelica Film Archive, 8:30pm
Thursday 29th July, The Strange Case of Angelica, Film Archive, 6:15pm
Thursday 29th July, Autour de Minuit, Film Archive, 8:15pm
Saturday 31st July, Triangle, Embassy, 10:15pm
Sunday 1st August, Autour de Minuit, Film Archive, 1:30pm

So, anyone want to come?

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Once upon a time in the west is a really really good film! It's very long, but is definitely worth a watch. :)

Oh, I know, it's really famous! And the Embassy has a really big screen. In fact I should update this because I have now booked tickets!

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