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Flames! Flames on the sides of my hands!
SSar's Beast
Argh. I went running in cold midwinter evening rain (10*C), and actually had a good time getting slightly lost in Mt Cook. However, when I came back into the house, I suddenly found I had heat rashes all over me. I think I'm doing something wrong...

Edit - this is apparently known as exercise-induced urticaria. (Thanks Reddit!) It has to do with the natural release of histamines into my system when I exercise, as these inflate my blood vessels in a helpful way - unfortunately, I then have a reaction to the histamines. Which causes an allergic-type rash. Blah.

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Ah, the crosstrainer. It is a necessary evil. I haven't tried balancing without my hands - balance and I aren't that well acquainted.

I'm glad you found the cause of your trouble. Is there a solution to it as well?

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