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Flames! Flames on the sides of my hands!
SSar's Beast
Argh. I went running in cold midwinter evening rain (10*C), and actually had a good time getting slightly lost in Mt Cook. However, when I came back into the house, I suddenly found I had heat rashes all over me. I think I'm doing something wrong...

Edit - this is apparently known as exercise-induced urticaria. (Thanks Reddit!) It has to do with the natural release of histamines into my system when I exercise, as these inflate my blood vessels in a helpful way - unfortunately, I then have a reaction to the histamines. Which causes an allergic-type rash. Blah.

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Interesting. I hope you get to the cause of it soon. (This makes me incredibly grateful for my nice, indoors crosstrainer.)

Thanks! I think my extremities just get cranky when subjected to rapid changes in temperature.

Running outside is still fun. I am continually amazed at how distances that seem like too much bother when walking seem trivial when running.

On the other hand, my friend's gym is offering him free trials to give to his friends, so I am going to try the indoor life for a bit!

More knowledge has now been acquired. By the way, how is your crosstrainer? I like crosstrainers - fun to balance on without using your hands, and therefore working your abdominal muscles; also fun otherwise.

Ah, the crosstrainer. It is a necessary evil. I haven't tried balancing without my hands - balance and I aren't that well acquainted.

I'm glad you found the cause of your trouble. Is there a solution to it as well?

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