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'Four O'Clock, Empty Streets', keyword 'haze'.
SSar's Beast
Thank you, musicforwolves.

Four O'Clock, Empty Streets

He woke up in darkness. The room was very warm and very dim. The sheets were gritty and tangled around him, and he couldn’t tell how long he’d been asleep. The water in the glass by the bed was stale, but his hand shook only a little, putting it down. The roaring in his ears had gone down. He could hear the clock ticking through the haze.

He reached for the TV remote, glancing at the clock. 4pm. The sound of the TV hurt his head and he muted it; silence. On some unfamiliar show, the camera panned over a city’s empty streets. Oddly mesmerising.

He woke up with the TV flickering. 4pm again. He could have imagined falling asleep, or slept for twelve hours – he didn’t know. No, the clock had stopped. He turned the TV off, and in the silence heard it ticking. Soothing. Except -

TV on. Clock off. Frozen with the second hand on the 12.

TV off. Clock on.

He staggered to the window and wrestled back the curtains.

The clock stopped again.

It was dark outside. No signs of life appeared as he scanned up and down the empty streets.

If you want to give me a prompt, comment here, but I have a bit of a backlog so it may take me a while to get around to new ones. ^!^

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That was absolutely mesmerising. I almost wish it were the start of a longer piece, but I also love it just as it is. It's so intriguing - I just want to know more!

Heh, thank you! I felt the same way about this one, which was my friend Ellen's response to 'Teapots and Tetrapods'. But I'm a little glad I don't have to write my way out of the story above, as I appear to have stuck my (sick/disoriented) character in a time loop that neither of us knows how to get out of.

This fic is like my favourite epsiodes of the Twilight Zone. Chilling, and something right there, at the corner of your eye, that you can't quite see but won't leave you alone. I especially like the phrase 'wrestled back the curtains'.

Thank you! I look forward to your own ones!

This wouldn't be out of place on 365 Tomorrows. Very dystopian.

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