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More Writing Meme
SSar's Beast
miriamus gave me 'Friends with a bullet', keyword 'Valium'. This was very much a case of writing what I didn't know. Odd. Thanks Mims.

All the names of the pills went by a formula, haha, she said. So original. Blue ice. Red heart. What about 'Silver Bullet'? Sounds flash, I said. She hates party pills, by the way. I was just humouring her.

Two weeks later I saw Silver Bullets on a poster, and I thought it was a coincidence.

What if you did this thing, she said, where you marketed a legal party pill, hyped it a lot, and got it launched in a kind of underground way in a really large bar...

You'd need to know the scene, I said. I was always devil's advocate.

Three weeks later she'd done all the research she needed.

But it wouldn't jazz you up, it'd do the opposite. Confuse the hell out of people. Awesome.

What would be the point of that?

To see if I could.


Twenty minutes after the first person slumped over at the bar, there were ambulances, then police.

Each pill was a double dose of Valium.

She was like being friends with a bullet, but scarier, limited by imagination only. 'Was', because I turned her in, but even now I wonder what she'll do next.

And nishatalitha gave me 'Changing the world', keyword 'morning'. Thanks! I'm afraid I went a bit for the obvious story.

She remembered why she didn't come to Derek's parties about ten minutes after walking in the door. It was the crazies. This crowd was typical. A man with a stained sweater was standing by the microwave telling everyone that it damaged your genes. Be nice, she thought.

A young man with glasses and a decent haircut appeared at her elbow. 'Do you have a drink yet?' he asked. 'Have one with me. I'm celebrating.'

'What's the victory?' asked Clara, taking a beer.

'We're changing the world,' said her new friend. 'Complete redesign. The new frequencies of light will reduce aggression by half, and that's just the start...'

Damn, thought Clara. He looked so normal. She was going to start backing away, but found herself flanked by more of the crowd. 'So this is the big surprise, Vaibhav!' said a girl with cheek tattoos. 'We're so proud of you, man! When's the changeover?'

'Tomorrow morning,' declared Vaibhav, beaming.

Clara proceeded to get very drunk.

She woke up considerably later than morning. But the headache wasn't as bad as she probably deserved. Stretching carefully, she pulled back her curtains, and gaped at quiet streets lit by a pink sky.

And for those of you who've just joined us, the challenge is: Ask your friends to give you a title of four words or less, and a keyword which must appear in the story, and flash-write a story of exactly 200 words to fit. I am including the title in the wordcount. I am gradually working through a slight backlog, thanks for all the prompts so far!

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That was nothing like I'd expected. Nice!

Thanks! What were you expecting, out of curiosity?

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