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Writing Meme: Answers
SSar's Beast
I will add them as I write them. This one, brought to you courtesy of my lunch break, and neleh_yam:

(What were you thinking, Neleh?! This was what I was thinking.)

Title: Arthur the thinking chair
Keyword: guillotine

She held her fork upright, the knife braced against it. Then the knife screeched down the fork like the blade of a guillotine to crush her peas.


“I want Arthur the thinking chair,” said Liz, age 3.

“If I get it, will you eat your food without playing with it?”


I got Damon’s office chair, and a cushion or three. “I get why it’s the thinking chair,” I said, helping her up, “because when Daddy’s sitting in this chair he tells you he needs to think, and he’ll play with you later. But why Arthur?”

“When Daddy’s sitting on the chair, he says, ‘I’m just really stuck on this chapter, Arthur.’ Like that,” Liz munched a forkful of mashed potato.

“That’s when Daddy’s on the phone, Liz.”

“Not always.”

“Maybe Daddy’s just talking to himself.”

“No, he’s talking to the chair.”

Somehow, when we rearranged the office, the Thinking Chair went in Liz’s room. Somehow it was where Liz went to figure out life’s problems. And now, somehow, it was ten minutes before her scholarship exam, and I’d pulled strings. Liz was going to take the exam while sitting in Arthur, the thinking chair.

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SSar, if it was ever possible to make me any cluckier, you just have with this gorgeous story! <3 ;)

Its a very good story. I was thinking of a chair that had a personality, but this is a great take on the title.

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