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SSar's Beast
So that is what psychedelic rock sounds like! Basically, like my ears dissolving, but not in an entirely bad way. I was predisposed to like it anyway, but no one told me that it was far too loud by anyone's standards.

Pip has a friend whose band (Mothers of Darkness, wince) was down from Auckland playing at the Mighty Mighty. We went. My caipirinha didn't have enough brown sugar. Other things were good. Scenesters staged a near-fight. The music... was barely music below the volume, but it had a sense of technical competence, interest, rhythm, that made it seem worth it for a while.

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Earplugs are wonderful things! With good ones, you can still hear the songs fairly well - it just cuts out the truly appalling level of noise.

Thanks! I did notice that when I pulled my beanie down over my hears and put my hands over them too, the music flowed through beautifully all the same while relieving some pain. I don't really see myself going to a lot of gigs, but since Steph and her group of friends are much more interested in current music than I am, I might go along with them another time.

It was so loud that it had passed the point of, "Oh, I can't really hear the lyrics," and reached, "Oh, he's speaking! It has a good rhythm!" You probably know what I'm talking about! It was also supposed to be 'psychedelic surf rock', which had us all intrigued, but the question of what the music was ABOUT became pretty academic.

Thanks for commenting. How are you?

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