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SSar's Beast
I wish I was not hating on Dr Who quite so much as I am right now. The first episode of this season was good, and since then... not so, but because it is Dr Who, I sit down each time and think, 'Just suspend your disbelief and it'll be fine.'

Then I get annoyed at: Amy, quips instead of humour, complete lack of emotional subtlety, plot holes, and other things that make my disbelief fall from on high and crash about my ears.

Last week was the first of a two-parter which gave an inaccurately optimistic impression that they were smoothing out the emotional rollercoaster which includes, among other things, unprecedented sexual objectification of the Doctor. Y'see, it wasn't filled with people living out the worst fears of the Doctor about humanity, or aliens with a ten-word vocabulary including 'Execute!', or hysteria. That's because they saved all that for the second part of the two-parter, so it could be, you know, cathartic and stuff.

This stuff is actually making my Patricia Grace essay seem attractive. But first I'm going to do a load of angry dishes.

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And about 5 deus ex machinas in a row

I thought deus ex machinae were supposed to make things better... just saw it and now my heart hurts.

So it turns out I don't have your email. Ah well, LJ is good for everything. Here's the intro that induced Sas to TRAUMATISE ME:

"In cinema, the modern city is accessory to every crime that takes place within its limits. The proliferation of what Marc Auge terms 'non-places' – e.g. hotels, motels, airports, carparks, and motorways – provide anonymous spaces that veil and enable criminals and their acts. Films like Se7en (David Fincher, 1995) and Heat (Michael Mann, 1995) portray the city as a collection of anonymous public and semi-public places which seperate a large population into cynical and lonely individuals, breeding a sense of disaffection that blurs the distinction between the wicked and the innocent. Even people's homes may become depersolanised and liminal. The modern city in crime cinema is not a community of people, but a growing collection of non-places that are symptomatic of a paradoxical isolation."

Since I'm not solely limited to films, I'm thinking of expanding my list of examples to include Watchmen. Because everyone needs to mention Rorschach in a paper before they leave uni.

My goal before I leave uni is to submit an essay written on a typewriter. I like yours.

'depersolanised'? Otherwise, cool!

From your introduction, I would most certainly wish to continue reading, only I have a sneaking suspicion there isn't any more yet?

Pfft, no. I'm still writing the 30-minute script treatment that's due tomorrow. This essay isn't due until Friday, and is therefore barely even begun!

BRB, having a small meltdown.

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