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Good Things To Do, Late on a Saturday Night
SSar's Beast
1) Make a list of friends who live within walking distance.
2) Narrow this down slightly to a list of people you can walk to all within about 3 hours.
3) Decorate a memo card for each friend: use morse code and dinosaur stickers and glittery pens and obscure song lyrics.
4) Go on a giant walk to hand-deliver each card.

Bonus points if you are sober and leave at 00:01, because that's what we did. We got back at 02:30, and, yes, got up at 08:30 to go to the vegetable market.

We didn't get to EVERYONE who was plausibly within walking distance, but we did go to Karori and Highbury and Northland.

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You put the one for Fran in my letterbox! (Passed it on.) It was pretty.

When we got there couldn't remember which of you was which flat number, but we figured it was safe in your hands. Thank you :) I'd actually forgotten you lived above her until about 30 mins after we'd set out, or we'd have made one for you too.

S'cool. It was a neat idea.

My flatmate found mine. I was slightly embarrassed but it is oh so funny!

(Deleted comment)
No. 18? That was what you said in our chat conversation.

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