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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Fail: I walked past my research essay supervisor. I waved. She didn't recognise me. Probably I should check in with her every two weeks, rather than every six.

Fail: Received.. tickets? They don't look like tickets... to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia in September. They were successfully mailed to Wellington, New Zealand, presumably from Atlanta. On each ticket is printed, "ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED".

Fail: This catalogue entry: http://victoria.lconz.ac.nz/vwebv/holdingsInfo?searchId=11007&recCount=10&recPointer=3&bibId=604915 - perhaps it's actually a mathematical imperial conspiracy. If so, still fail, as the conspiracy has been revealed.

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Re CDs and that game, are you doing anything on Saturday? I could bring some musical swag for Steph as well.

Possibly, but since you're playing Sink tomorrow night with Steph anyhow, howabout you guys come back to our flat after that and hang out then? I should be back from Medieval Reading Group by around 8pm if I try.

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