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SSar's Beast
Little wavy lines have appeared all across my glasses lenses again. The last time this happened, when my glasses were new, I assumed I'd somehow dragged them across yards of sandpaper without noticing, and asked for a replacement with better scratch protection. No, the optometrists said, this is in fact the fault of the coating. Why is it doing this? We don't know. We'll replace them.

Last night some friends and I were in the Botanical Gardens, because where else do you go when it's a full moon? We played in the playground and wandered through the rose garden. Quite often Stephanie or I will get the idea for a jaunt like this only a few hours in advance, post it on Facebook, and scrounge up a couple of other people that way. Facebook allows us to be very casual about these group outings. We were at the herb garden overlooking the rose garden and I stared out at the harbour. Every light had a blurry vertical halo, as though someone had reached out with a finger and smeared each one up and down. That's what things look like when my glasses lenses go like this. I stared very closely at them today and noticed that on the left lens, the coating is wavy, algorithmically natural, like wood grain. A different kind of tree-dappled light.

We don't know, the optometrists say. The lenses people want us to send your glasses up to Auckland for examination. Don't give us your glasses case, we'll lose it.

So tonight my glasses are lost in the woods and I am doing the homework I didn't do last night - when I was in the woods under the moon - peering at the screen and at Old English words for sea and shield and time.