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No More Yirry
SSar's Beast
Looks like I nearly made a really stupid mistake.
Maybe I made it already.

For those of you who don't already know, Morbane and Yirry are personas of the same person.

Yirry is a thought in SSar's head. Yirry is an imaginary friend. Yirry says things SSar normally wouldn't. I hope that makes sense. SSar feels that she has been rather dishonest. She will no longer attempt to portray "Yirry" as a real person.


Talking sassafras, anyone?

If you come through to the buffet table, we are now serving midnight snacks.

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I was almost sad when you told me before. I hope Yirry keeps drawing me pictures though.

I know just what you mean! I felt terrible when I wrote that post. Yirry is so vivid in my head that I hate telling people that she's not real, because I almost feel that if enough people believed she were real, I'd catch her out of the corner of my eye, or hear her voice aloud... I really like her, you see.

Pictures? Er, maybe. You never know.

WHAT?! You have to be kidding me! Yirry and Morbane are one of the SAME?! *dies*

That's really funny. I always thought that you guys were a lot alike...I guess that explains it. *laughs*

That's a scream! It certainly explains the comment 'Yirry' made on my webpage.

My guestbook: How did you end up here?
Yirry: Playing on Morbane's computer, or at least until she turned around.
Buneater: (armed with new knowledge) *laughs 'til she cries*

Goodbye to Yirry (?)

I always knew you were one and the same, but you kept up the act so well that I'm shocked at this admission! What was the stupid mistake?

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

Well... anonymous but omniscient. Interesting combination. You seem to be declaring that you saw what no one else could have.

The mistake was excess of dishonesty.


Are you Clara?

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

Nope, keep guessing ;-)
I'd like to think that you'll never guess, but I think the answer is probably too obvious.

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

Guessing is fun.

Awww... I wanted you to be orange_pekoe, or Clara, or... hey. Sage of Darkness?

By your manner of speech, you sound like a Writers' Window Writer. Don't be taken aback if I mutter, "Superwriter?" to myself. Otherwise... there's something about how you talk, something... darn it. *wizardly gesture* Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Is this person short or tall? Male or female, young or old? What such secrets can be told?

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

You are on the right track, and yet way off...
I kind of wanted to stay anonymous, though I wouldn't be surprised if you have already half guessed who I am (you can PM me to confirm - if you dare ;-) ).
I have always wanted an alter ego too, but I think 'Anonymous' is about as close as is ethical for me to get.

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

Drrj! I know you and I don't! *looks suspicious* But how did you know I was Yirry? Did you read 'Direction'?

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

I'd like to say it was a result of my great detective work, but it wasn't. I just have ways of knowing these things... "anonymous but omniscient".

Re: Goodbye to Yirry (?)

I wish I knew you. I will keep thinking. Uh-oh - you're not Dark T or Lampara or Lila-Bird, are you? *scared*

Well, well, well... I knew the name Morbane was familiar from somewhere!

Re: Writer's Window!

BATHMAT? You're from WRITERS' WINDOW? This world is getting smaller and smaller... What name had you there?

I have continued to stalk and am thus able to present you with the following:

Lady Bathmat's secret life

Re: Writer's Window!

My goodness! I had completely forgotten I'd posted all these... and my goodness, they even got some reviews in my long absence! Buneater, your stalking reveals all kinds of forgotten wonders. hehe Oh... and that last poem about cutting isn't mine. Horrid nastiness

Re: Writers' Window!

Woad. I remember reading some of these...

Re: Writer's Window!

I think I went by the name of Clare :)

But I was not much of a reviewer or a poster. Though I do recall thinking that you had some talent compared to the majority of them. **coughs** That is to say, a talent that was not still in the incubator but was present and had a fine comb. I think I should stop with the metaphors... one day someone is going to analyse them and think I actually knew what on earth I was saying. Food seems like a good idea at this point.

But yes! Writer's Window!

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