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SSar's Beast

Meredith and Miriam and I went to a beading class at Tiger Eye Beads this evening, the impetus being Mims' and my vague curiosity, and Meredith's perplexity at being given a necklace which matched her tastes very little. I enjoyed it a lot. In fact, wandering home, I had the same blissed-out sense of peace that I get from going to the vege market; it took me a little while to figure out that the only part that was missing was the heavy bags.

The actual class was not very instructive - we weren't being taught a complex skill, just guided and being given some choices in what sort of clasp to use or such things. I think I got my sense of bliss from the undemanding nature of the task, and the beauty and range of the beads. I caught myself staring down at my tray with a dazed little smile. How to get stoned... on semi-precious stones. Hm. I liked being surrounded with colour. Particularly, my colours. I could find shades that made me feel as though I was drinking them in after having been thirsty.

Our products could hardly have been more different. Meredith made a necklace I'm tempted to call "princessy" - tiny beads, strictly symmetrical but with repeated patterning, causing the whole to glitter with silver and blue - Miriam grouped together clunks of big, opaque green beads in a very simple, bold pattern - and I have a symmetrical string of earthy, metallic shapes, each bead very different and defined. I think I will wear it to Crafternoon tomorrow.


And now I'm off for a run.

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What are your colours? I find mine vary by season and mood but my base lately has been mossy greens and deep teals.

Mossy greens are a favourite of mine - I like teal, but it doesn't interest me much. My favourites tend to be burnt oranges and clear or russet reds, browns, and greens with more brown in them than blue. However, I end up wearing a lot of black and purple and blue because I am very picky about the earth-tones that I like, and less picky about blues and purples.

Maybe in a past life, I designed traffic lights.

I am going to give Crafternoon a miss because I am well fatigued. Have fun! There must be a future one so I can come and leech inspiration off y'all. :P

There'll be plenty! We're practically having it every week at the moment. However, I suspect not next week, as there's Kapcon and various things. We Will Keep You Informed.

Pity, though, because we used the beading lesson today as an excuse to cannibalise Meredith's necklace, and since she doesn't want most of the remaining beads (which are quite pretty) I immediately thought of you.


In order to save your voice from shouting, I should mention that conditional to my offering you these beads was my plan to haggle with you slightly and suggest some small sum for their possession.

YAY COTTAGE INDUSTRY BARTER ECONOMY! then. Heck, I'd even be happy just to rework them into earrings or something and then give them back.

That seems highly elaborate. I was just going to show you the bag, you were going to say "Pretty!" or "Nah, not my thing," and in the case of the former, I was going to say, "Five bucks then?" The point being that we don't want them back, which I admit diminishes my bargaining power.

I am sure an agreement can be reached, now the weather just needs to improve significantly so I can stray out of the house and actually attend a Crafternoon.

I wish to return this summer for a full refund.

ZOMG THIS. My wardrobe is having an identity crisis.

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