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Go Runner go, you my friend...
SSar's Beast
I went for a really great run on Wednesday night. I was feeling stressed out, because of trying to fill the evening with too many things, but having the to-do-list item of 'exercise' hanging over my head. I joked with Cordelia on Facebook that I would visit her to steal her cider, but when I finally jogged down her steps, no one answered the door. A bit surprised, I found myself all dressed for running with nowhere to go. So I went to Karori.

I had been to Karori earlier in the day, actually, when I used my lunch break to drop off a Last Day of Christmas present on my lecturers' doorstep. So now I wanted to find out how long the journey would have taken on foot.

It was lovely. Trying to keep myself from getting lost used up some of the mental effort that would otherwise be devoted to hating hills. I went up Chaytor, or maybe it was Curtis, and came down the other one after looping around by the cemetery. When I came back down, I took a road up to Northland, which surprised me by coming out by the church, rather than by Hell's Pizza as I was expecting. Then I ran down Northland Road and back through Kelburn.

It felt extra neat to be sailing through Kelburn and unexpectedly come across a group of friends, including Layne, my former running partner. Because nothing says Extreme Gratification like being caught exercising - and enjoying it - in front of someone who used to put up with you when you were moaning, 'I can't keep going.'

I stopped, talked to them, did my stretches - and when I started running again, I felt incredibly springy and bouncy, as if actual springs had been added to my shoes. In such a manner I bounded around the last few corners to my home, and up my 50 steps.

It was fantastic. It brought back lost memories of enjoying this "running" thing. I want to keep it that way. Most of my memories from when I gave running a good go, in January-February 2008, were of pain. This was partly because of the steepness of my learning curve. Every time I went running, it was all about doing a bit more than the day before, because I started out being able to do nothing. I couldn't keep up a steady jog from the bottom of Kelburn Parade to the Met Service's driveway. That's about 50 metres of gentle slope.

I'm hoping I can have more runs like that. I'm hoping that since I gained these skills, the ability to trot up a neverending hill at a gentle pace, or recover after a steep one, that I'll be able to go for a jog and strike the balance between insufficient effort and pain. It's a bit of a paradox, trying to have fun with this form of exercise, where you know you've done well when your lungs are burning and your legs are heavy and there is sweat in your eyes and you want to throw up. But I hope I can. Because if I don't manage to turn it into fun, then I won't be able to keep it up past January, no matter how good it is for me.


Otherwise, I could always try belly-dancing, right?

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Hell's Pizza is an awesome name.

Good pizza, too.

Northland is a suburb in which Paul lived for a while. It is extremely hilly. It alo has Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Hell Pizza all within 50 metres of each other, along with a fish and chip shop. It is a wonder that they all stay in business.

Is it by any chance located near student housing? When I was a freshman in college I lived in this really messed up house at the right at the edge of campus and my roommate Adam ordered pizza from across the street almost nightly.

Near student housing? No. But still within the range of suburbs that Vic students find most convenient to live in. Then again, most of Vic's student housing is quite close to the centre of town, so I'm not sure the hostels would support a fast-food locale as well as yours might have.

Was this the same house that had the bathroom-through-a-bathroom?

Yup, and a dragon painted on the wall and a seperate refrigerator room and vines going through a wall and so on and so forth. I miss that place.

Bellydancing = ALL THE FUN. When I was doing classes with Beverley (who is currently taking a break from teaching, which sucks for pupils but is good for her) I'd get to the end of an hour and (a) not realise a whole hour had passed and (b) suddenly realise I was incredibly tired/bouncy.

I have about four different friends who all think belly dancing would be a good idea, but don't have the money/time/preferred location/enthusiasm to quite do it. I would really like to do it *with friends*, but I suppose I should really just start classes and hope someone joins in, rather than waiting for them forever.

What kind of belly dancing were you doing? Tribal? Egyptian? Other?

I'd call it basic Oriental with a few tribal/other bits and pieces thrown in. MEDANZ has a fairly comprehensive list of Wellington-based teachers - http://www.medanz.org.nz/teachers.html#wellington


I'm hoping to start bellydancing classes on the 30th of January (if they can squeeze me in!) on Webb Street. It's through Snake Charmer Bellydance, the same people Nik learnt from. If you want more info, email Traysi at indeja@xtra.co.nz.

I can talk to you more about it at the pool tonight if you like?

That would be great! Let's have my people talk to your people. *grin*

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