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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
You haven't seen me, because I've been writing essays. There was that Iambic Spyglass essay for Chaucer that I mentioned. Then the week after that was spent researching a Morphology essay, then I took the next week off work to finish Morphology (heartbreakingly) and start Icelandic, went to Auckland for a weekend, mostly researched my Icelandic Saints essay, came home, went without sleep for two nights in a row in order to finish the Icelandic essay, finished it, and... yes. Essays.

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What does 'morphology' cover? I know what it means in a broad sense, but I'm not sure what context you are studying morphology in. Lingustics? Sounds interesting.

Yes, indeed, linguistics, in which Morphology is sort of the calculus or the Lego of linguistics. The study of the meaning of each individual part of utterances, and the degree to which we can isolate meaning within smaller parts of units like words. Things like small+er and mean+ing. And how this applies across other languages. Etc. It's like Calculus because there is much logic to apply.

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