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WORKING title: '(The Way the Camera just Follows Us in Slow-Mo); The Way We Look To Us All'.
SSar's Beast
This Chaucer essay will not DIE, but I have finally penned an introduction. It talks about Towers of Babel and yo-yos. Now could you all please promise me that I will suffer no penalties of disdain if I name this essay "The Iambic Spyglass".


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Only if BEING AWESOME is a penalty.

A Paul Simon lyric AND a Pullman reference? I promise you no disdain from my quarter, at least!


And in developing my "iambic spyglass" theory, I looked up telescope (v) in the OED, the better to sneak it into the essay. This was the usage quote I found:

'No one has ever yet been killed in a Pullman, in which, says its inventor, you can never be ‘telescoped’ '

I cannot make this up.

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