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(no subject)
SSar's Beast

Gah! So today I practically chased my guest out of the house so I could study, a truly unfortunate circumstance :( and have indeed been studying, but not really getting anywhere. Two more articles read, and some more book chapters skimmed, and various other chapters and articles that I had previously read, skimmed for information. And I found another book in the library that has 44 pages of relevant material - right before the essay is due! Argh! On the other hand, that is why I sometimes idly flick through books which are on the same shelves as other relevant books. I keep not being able to really put an outline together. My head feels full of clouds! Also it is so fricking cold in this flat that even with the heater on and my fluffy socks on, my toes are actually white with cold. It would help if the threads in the hot-water bottle's screw-in lid weren't stripped. That is, I suddenly no longer have a hot water bottle. Argh whine stress cold!

Also, we had a fun and pleasant movie night last night. I was not particularly wowed by Repo: The Genetic Opera, because although it was very pretty to look at and I liked the graphic-novel-style cut-ins, there seemed to be no substance to it whatsoever. The songs had lyrics of the most prosaic possible quality, the tunes were utterly unmemorable, and the darkness of the dystopia was simply gloomy. So I fled to wash dishes - but soon everyone else had given up on the movie and came to the kitchen to keep me company.

Reefer Madness was more fun.

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I LOVE reefer madness!
its brilliant

We were watching the musical version, but apparently there's a more original version, is that correct? Have you seen both of them?

have heard of the original but have only seen the musical

Fear not: your guest had places to go and people to see, so is not at all offended :)

My suggestion is to stop researching and JUST WRITE!!! The plan you outlined to me earlier sounded fairly solid, so just try to string something coherent together based on that. You'll probably find, once you get going, that you know more than you realise! I speak from years of bitter experience...

Awww, thank you. I felt like I did get to spend *some* quality time with you, but next time there should be more of it. How were the Northland ladies?

I am getting slightly further now. Basically my aim tonight is to get one major part of the essay out of the way, read a bit, and sleep on it. I will let you know how well I manage to follow your advice.


I was amused to note, when I looked it up on Wikipedia to see how it ended, that we probably stopped about ten minutes from the ending.

Heh. You reminded me to go look up the plot also, which immediately makes me glad I fled to the kitchen. Argh, lack of subtlety, pointless melodrama... oh right, it is an opera.

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