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Awesome Things I Have Done Recently: Speed Update!
SSar's Beast
June 13-17

*I went to Auckland
*I attended the first concert of Simon and Garfunkel's current world tour with deepbluemermaid and helped carry the music when their equipment failed
*I studied even while on holiday
*I spoke with a childhood friend
*I bought a tea cosy. About to use that, actually.

June 18-19

*I played a heck of a lot of Plants Vs. Zombies, despite many odd bugs in the game
*I attended an indie fashion show in which two of my friends were modelling. It was neat and a little pretentious and gorgeous and there were many dance routines
*I went to a games night at wih's house and learned to play Chrononauts and Settlers of Catan

June 20-24

*I went to Sydney with Joel
*We turned Saturday into two days
*We went to Taronga Zoo, getting into whisker range of the wallabies and enjoying a trained bird show which included owls, parrots, kites, and an eagle
*We saw Sydney Harbour by night and by day
*We ate on a boat. Actually, I was on boats a lot.
*We wandered through the Herb Garden at the Botanical Gardens and I can now tell you that the first oral contraceptive was developed by the aid of a plant called the 'air potato'
*I watched several episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena
*I went whale watching - twice
*I ran from the State Library to Darling Harbour in order to catch the whale watching boat, with the help of a tourist map
*I went to a museum with the combined themes of Opals and Dinosaurs and quizzed an opal expert for an hour
*I went to Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art
*I ate very good pizzas at reasonable prices (gasp) on the waterfront
*We went on a ferris wheel
*I found and bought a bead loom
*I hung around an aboriginal art store, chatting to the clerk who was writing a masters thesis in Japanese
*I admired leather masks imported from Italy
*I went to the Powerhouse Museum
*I had a bubble bath
*I discovered and bought a rare role-playing book, called Paranoia, for the use of starzend as a GM
*I bought Chrononauts for Joel
*I had lunch with Joel's Sydney colleagues
*I was the recipient of a Very Nice Surprise from Joel
*We had been engaged for one year on June 22nd

June 25-30

*I attended a genuine business conference, with representatives from things like Meridian Energy and the Department of Corrections, wearing a name tag for "Veridian Dynamics"
*I bumped into four friends by accident on my very first day back from Sydney
*I made up a costume out of clothes from Farmers, went to a medieval party called the Feast of Fools, drank mulled wine, learned four or five dances, and followed a live ass around a hall in a procession for the Vespers of the Ass
*I went to the vege market
*I wrote a really nice letter to Joel's grandmother
*I advanced two levels in Starcraft

And now I am back at work in the daytime and procrastinating on an Icelandic essay during the evenings.

Hmmm... I am finding this all a bit much to write about in detail!

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(Deleted comment)
Heh. It's a neat little game. Where did he/she buy it, but the way? Because my copy is really odd, but I think that could be something to do with the site I bought it from.

How've you been?

better off ted reference FTW!
sounds like you've been having a blast! i am very envious of your ability to go whale watching. i get terrible sea-sickness and am trying to learn to accept that there are some things i just can't do.
what was the very nice suprise?

Hee, yeah, I wore my name tag around for the rest of the day, until it fell off.

You would have hated the whale-watching I went on, then. The first trip, there were swells of 3m and the kid in the front threw up as soon as we got out of the harbour. We were in a zippy little 11m adapted surf-rescue boat, which was really safe but also really bouncy. We only saw one whale, and I got a return voucher. There were more whales, and better weather, the second day.

The nice surprise was a bit kinky. Not giving any details, since I didn't want to friends-lock this post.

Are you doing anything for Sando's birthday, by the way?

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