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Constructed of the finest win-awesome alloy.
SSar's Beast
The new Star Trek movie was excellent, pretty, kickass, and has been awarded many other good adjectives and metaphors. The time flippety was all logical and sewn up. I'm not sure whose acting most pleased me, but all Vulcan lines were written and delivered spot-on. I newly <3 Vulcans. (As far as non-Vulcan races go, you will be pleased to note that Scotty got some very exuberant lines, some of which fitted the situation, some of which didn't, all of which fitted his character.)

It was also worth returning home at 2:30am, to finish an assignment. I think Joel and I will just turn 'bed' into a kind of relay baton. I hope that by the time he has to wake up, I get to sleep. Luckily, I was clever and left a note on my desk at work, stating that I would probably be back on Thursday afternoon. So the morning is, for once, all mine.

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YES. W00t! I will have to see that on the weekend, pending finding people to go with. \o/

It would be a good idea to see it because it will please you!

Find a warm theatre, though. The Embassy at midnight with only about 50 people in it was unpleasantly chilly. I had Joel's jacket wrapped around me and shook with cold all the way through.

Also, I stayed up all night after that and MY ASSIGNMENT IS DONE, WOOT!

How much sense do you think it would make for a complete n00b to the Star Trek universe? I am contemplating seeing it on Saturday night...

I don't know THAT much about the canon myself, and I loved it.

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