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(no subject)
SSar's Beast

Here, have some points of a bullety nature!

There was a birthday party - two, actually, but I'm talking about mine - with greetings from the other side of the world, presents, TWO lemon birthday cakes, and many friendly people, an overwhelmingly positive birthday which will help me stop stressing out the next time a birthday comes around.

I have done a lot of sleeping. A LOT. As in, go to bed at night, go for a run at 6am, shower, and go back to sleep until the afternoon.

There was a good game session on Sunday. My character went mildly crazy and fixated on a vampire, Helen's character started singing, and Bex and Michael started a series of notepaper conspiracies that made it look as though they were trying to kill each other off. Fun times.

Miriam's 21st party was lots of fun, although I wish my socialising skills had been up to talking with the members of her family a little more.

One thing I have discovered about hosting a pot-luck is that there are many odd leftovers. I successfully bounced the pineapple and the vanilla custard back at Bex, but I have large amounts of guacamole and also several uneaten chicken drumsticks. Soooo I made chicken stock with the drumsticks today, which is the first time I've made stock, and when that's cooled and de-fatted and possibly concentrated, I will try to make guacamole soup. However, most of the recipes I've found online assume that you are starting from scratch with avocados and so forth.

What is the best plan when starting off with a) chicken stock + some cooked chicken meat, and b) containers of store-made guacamole?

Now it's back to work, with the demands of study blissfully distant. Pip's appearing tomorrow, calloo callay, and I'm hoping Alex gets back from Napier at a reasonably hour tonight, and, coincidentally, is of a mood to watch History Boys with me.

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b) containers of store-made guacamole?

Nothing can be done with these. they are a blight and a stain on the avocado name. throw them away. RIGHT NOW.

Hey, it's a recession. Waste not, want not, (and what if someone saw them in my rubbish and I was shamed for having ever possessed them?).

Don't worry, it was probably more my family's social skills' fault than yours...

Well, other than that I had a blast, so it's fine.

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