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Midnight is a place
SSar's Beast
Oh yeah. That 10% assignment? Approx 3500 words, and completed precisely 36 hours before due date. Also completed mainly without caffeine.

The course notes are based on a textbook which the lecturer is writing. This is sometimes handy: if it becomes necessary to ask for clarification, he can explain in depth and might even re-write any offending sections. It's less handy when a section in your course notes ends in a note in capitals:

Well, psycholinguistics is partly about revealed thought processes, and he can't really blame me if I have nothing else to say about lexical stress errors.

O gods, another entry about the statistics and minutiae of my study. Am I like a first year or am I like a person who has no hobbies?

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Both. :D Says first year with few hobbies who has always written entries about her study.

You're like someone actually taking this seriously...and I think you have to with your workload.

I, like a proper first year, am slacking something serious. I need to fix these bad habits before they start to kill me :(

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