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I Get Older
SSar's Beast
I'm tentatively thinking that a potluck birthday party might be nice, to commemorate my achievement of the dubious and unstable age of 23.

Would Friday April 3rd or Saturday April 4th, the evening thereof, work better for those who might be inclined to participate?

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I am very much inclined to participate - either evening works for me :)

At least a potluck will save you from doing all the cooking! The important question is: are you willing to delegate the making of your birthday cake? In my family, it's tradition that you never have to bake your own I'd be happy to volunteer.

I feel very spoiled.

Cake? Please.

Lemon yoghurt is, indeed, one of my favourites, but I'll enjoy anything without raisins.

The Friday would be better for me, as that weekend is Armageddon and things will be busy.

Friday it is. I hope you can make it. Good point about Armageddon, though. Funny, I haven't heard a lot of hype about who is attending.

Thanks for all your kind comments folks! And yes I do know abut copying and pasting, I already use that feature.

Crud I posted the wrong comment (I was chatting to a friend so was distracted and posted a comment to this journal instead of another)!

Well, it gave me hope that someone was interacting with my life. Also, your comment did partly relate to me. Totally forgiven.

Either one works for me, love! :)

See you Monday?

Not that Monday, maybe the next? I'll make it Friday.

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