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SSar's Beast
I am really happy lately.

This house is lovely to live in, for many reasons, although the one that looms and is most novel is its location. I can run home in between back-to-back classes to get items or drop them off. I can almost leave muffins in the oven and go to class, because going to class takes me fewer than one hundred and eighty seconds. This is munificent. And I didn't think we were going to still be flatting with Alex, and we are (for now), and he is a good friend and flatmate.

Our flatwarming party was really really good. People kept turning up in deluges, and we watched Manos: The Hands of Fate (MST 3000 style) then, later, Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog. I did display my usual party behaviour: I hide in the kitchen, talk animatedly to anyone who's in there with me, produce large amounts of food, and don't leave. (On which subject, I think I need more muffin trays). I rely on Alex and Joel to keep people entertained and interacting. But for one thing, our kitchen is much, much larger in this flat, meaning it was always full of chatting people, and for another, I restrained myself to really easy food, and had the chance to wander out and talk to people. It was pleasantly stressless. Alcohol was abundant, but only two people got drunk. At 2am I was still wide awake, and it had distilled down to Sam and Fezz and I recounting our shared flatting history to Meredith and Michael. Then Michael left, and people from Eastbourne and Whitby and Strathmore crashed in the many places there were for them to crash, and I was left feeling pleased. "You have a lot of friends," commented Meredith. I do. It's neat.

As far as my offline social life goes (and I don't really have an online one, do I?) I may disappear a little under the radar as the demands of university mount up. Classes so far are interesting and appealing. I knew Norse was going to be fun, but it's also not as scary as I thought it would be. The Chaucer paper will be much harder work. (I joined the Chaucer paper last week. It was very self-indulgent. It's basically a $1300.50 present to myself, also requiring effort and concentration. Hm.)

I'm really looking forward to Linguistics this year. There's about ten Ling Honours students, and they seem like an awesome bunch (Miriam, you get more of an 'is' and less of a 'seem'), and at our first mandatory-serious-minimum-percentage-attendance weekly seminar, the lecturers laid out wine and corn chips and joked around at the front of the room. Maybe it won't be as bacchanalian as the Classics department, but it should be... warm and cheerful. English, on the other hand, has a departmental funk due to budget cuts, some of which impact on the students pretty bloody directly.

I say that my social life is about to decrease, but I'm not doing too badly at present. I seem to have made a particular friend, which relationship is going like rainbows and roses right now. Also squee. (Which is also doing a lot for self-image and general ego lifting.) I'm still playing a character in Layne's World of Darkness game, and I've really come to enjoy it, which is saying something, because when I started playing I was so stressed about "this role-playing thing I don't know how to do" that I got very antsy and nearly cried a couple of times. Now I'm letting my character do lots of silly things, like spend weeks procrastinating on facing a bad guy, and go fishing from the tops of buildings. I'm really looking forward to game sessions, and not just because I get to meet up with friends.

I am also determined to make it to knitting next Monday. I really hope someone can remind me how to cast on by then. o_O

My job is letting me be very flexible with hours. When I say very flexible, I mean that on Tuesday I worked 7:15am to 8:45am then went to class and didn't go back to work for the rest of the day. Yesterday I worked 11am to 3:30pm. Today I worked 8am to 11:30am then 1:30pm to 6:15pm. The only time I was required to be there by any sort of schedule was today between 4pm and 5pm. La-la-la-la. Of course, there is suddenly a lot more to do since I have cut down the hours in which I could do it, but putting in the full 8 hours today means I got on top of my database for the first time since university started. I even turned down Saturday work (time and a half pay, regardless of how much I've worked during the week) so that I could make myself study all day.

Sci Fi club started yesterday and went pretty smoothly. I am enjoying the actor who plays George in Being Human. There's something about his ears. I mucked up two items on the pizza orders, but people forgave me since it was the first week back. Next time I will have an assistant and an accounting sheet.

Life is good, really. I hope it is so with you.

This evening I made hamburgers for dinner, incidentally feeding Alex and also Daniel C who was over to play Magic. Now I'm going to face off against my superior monkey Joel in two-player Risk and maybe drink a cocktail.

I use the word 'really' a lot. Huh. ^!^

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That's quite an abundance of happy stuff! I'm glad everything is going so beautifully for you. :)

Thank you!
I've noticed you're posting a lot more this year, was that the result of a resolution or is vlogging just addictive? :)

I'm not sure it's either - I think I just wanted to get back into the whole LJ thing again. I missed interacting with people and I missed writing posts and generally having fun. Actually, if I hadn't returned to the LJ fold, I would have missed out on the opportunity to start vlogging altogether.

So it's all linked, in various inexplicable ways.

I also enjoyed the party a lot, it's a shame I wasn't able to stay longer and watch Dr. Horrible. Thanks for hosting it, SSar :)

You're welcome! I'm glad you came! We had so many people with so much, it seemed, to talk about to each other. Maybe it's a side effect of having a party at the end of summer, when people have been off doing their thing for a while, and maybe it was just the right group of people. Thanks for being part of that.

Russell Tovey (George in BH) is SUPERB. When we saw the pilot last year the only part we couldn't do without was his George. Although, Leonora Crichlow has grown on me (Annie.)

And yes, you will always need more muffin pans!

I think Guy Flanagan was much better as the pilot's vampire, but I'm hoping Aidan Turner will grow on me.

These are wonderful non-stick muffin pans of the mini variety. I was cooking spicy meatballs in them, washing them, cooking savoury muffins in theme, washing them, repeat. Which is why I need four, not two.

The vampire story would be totally boring to me if it wasn't for Herrick (the policeman/organizing vampire.) I love that actor in everything and it's an awesome performance.

(Deleted comment)
Well, you could always come watch it at Sci Fi club. And don't worry, my friend Susy who's just moved down here will get me to watch History Boys if she has to sit on me (I'm not averse to it, I'm just really sluggish about these things.)

(Deleted comment)
Well, people sit in Meeting Room Three of the Union Building for five to six hours (they come and go) on Wednesday evenings, watch stuff, and eat pizza. (4pm-10pm.)

We're only up to episode 2 of BH next week.

I'm glad you are enjoying the game. I could tell the second you started enjoying it properly. It was when your first knife of awesome took down that second vamp. Nothing like killing vamps to inspire some confidence

It's true, my knife of awesome lived up to its name.

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