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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
I view with extreme suspicion the idea that Keanu Reeves should have anything to do with Cowboy Bebop.

I mean, he'd have to smile.

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spike doesn't smile much...

He does a little. He at least has a little rueful humour. Can you IMAGINE Keanu Reeves making a "my bad" face?

Wow, that's odd. And dismaying, though I never put too much stead in live-action adaptations. Reeves just isn't jazzy enough, or weary enough. Apathetic, sure, but in an "I'm so nonchalantly cool like a preteen" way. Not how I ever saw Spike.

reminds me of the Neil Gaiman story about them announcing a Hellblazer movie at comic-con one year

KAREN BERGER: We're happy to announce that Warner Brothers will be making a movie of Hellblazer!
CROWD: Yaaaay!
KAREN BERGER: And it's going to be called Constantine!
CROWD: Yaaay!
KAREN BERGER: And it's going to star Keanu Reeves!

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