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To-Do List for rest of January
SSar's Beast
-Organise new flat internet
-Organise new flat phone line
-Organise new flat power
-At least get a price range for new bed Bought new bed!
-Do 6 hours of Icelandic study
-Write letter to Helen S.
-Get printer power cord OR new printer.
-Draft a budget for Sci Fi
-Spend at least 1 hour on East France Project
-Compose 300 words of creative writing.
-Find out how to get rid of old computer.
-Move (obviously).
-More (obviously).

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Aye, and it sounds as if it's you. How are you?

Yay to-do lists! They make my life possible.

Indeed, mine is inspired by you. Look, something crossed off already!

It's really satisfying to strike them off! I still have some of the lists from when I was planning our wedding with all our wedding memorabilia. I think that's about the time I became a listmonster. But it does help, because I'm hopelessly disorganized otherwise.

I tend to keep them in my journal. Actually, sadly, that's about all I use my journal for nowadays. I miss the days when it was filled with poems and stories. Maybe I should combine the two somehow?

I can see how really glorious lists would become objects of pride and memory in and of themselves.

Tom recommends www.ascent.co.nz for all your printer-y needs. I sold my sold laptop on trademe which worked out well - only managed to get $90 for it but it wasn't working and that's a month less on my payments for my new computer :) Good luck!

Rargh, I am writing this on an Acer and now realise why people hate them so much. *stabby stab*

Aww. *hugs Mac* . Thanks for tips. How did you describe your laptop, and did you just sell it as junk? My computer was at leat 3 years out of date in 2005.

Ha! Mine was a laptop, and I just sold it for parts.

I listed what had been removed from it (RAM, HDD) and then what was still functioning when it died (screen was fine, DVD player, USB ports etc), I put the specs up as well and made it clear that the computer was NOT WORKING and for PARTS ONLY :)

It sold within an hour, only for $80 but that's a month's worth of payments on my new computer so I'm not complaining. Much.

Oh god. Monday morning sans-coffee. I sold my RAM separately and got $10 for 522MB, which I thought was a deal and a steal as it was selling at Dick Smiths for $1.99 apiece.

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