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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
If you are ever in a video store with me, do not let me pick.

Kinky Boots - perfectly good acting by Chiwetel Ejiofor, storyline written by going down a checklist. Or, as Joel put it, "A note to the director - having your main character start out weak and impotent, and giving a character arc that makes him weak, impotent, and a jerk, is not the way to go." Really, really disappointing movie. On the other hand, we now have a new catch phrase. "Mildew, Charlie!" Say it as if you were saying, "We're on a BRIDGE, Charlie!" With extra spooky.

Orphans and Angels - worst film I've ever seen five minutes of. It is the worst of many other categories also. I picked it up because it had two award symbols on the front, but I should have been turned off by the blurb, which promised "[It adds] foreboding to its array of emotional buttons" and "Gives [film noir] contemporary relevance in urban New Zealand." I wrote better dialogue than that film had when I was in fourth form, and its idea of production values was to cover up a phone number on a sign with a block of wood. Was tempted to get drunk and watch the entire thing, laughing hysterically, but life is too short and my liver is worth more than that.

The third film I got from Civic Video was 'Out of the Blue'. However, this was recommended to me by someone else and so escapes the damnation of 'SSar chose it'. I plan to watch it tomorrow.

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Those movies sound awesomely terrible.
I vote you pick movies for the next bad movie night (should we have one) :D

out of the blue sounds intersting.


If we do have a bad movie night, Orphans and Angels is RIGHT up there. Right up there with Manos: Hands of Fate.

Which I still have yet to see..
Hmm.. >_>

Me too... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Also, I can stay a lot longer at the RPG session this week, if anyone else wants to go on for a few hours.

I think I might be thinking what you are thinking.
Let the plotting begin!

We will have to see how game things go, re longer sessions.
If everything is going well, and the game is particularly interesting people might want to go on till things are resolved.

*nods* Just saying.

Also, while I have you here, so to speak, a couple of questions:

-A while ago you recommended a website to me where I could find a power cable for my printer. Any idea what that website might have been?

-What is the current favourite ISP for people who like cheap good delicious internet? We're currently with TelstraClear, 40GB/10Mbs/phone line/$145 a month. Are there many better deals out there? We might be scaling it back to 20GB a month which is $115. The Orcon Plus network is apparently coming to Wellington very soon, but it's not something I know enough about to rely on.


as for internet, there really isn't anywhere that will give you compareable speed for similar money, but if you are willing to take a speed cut, we are on slingshot, which has some pretty awesome advantages for $60 a month

Ooh, like what advantages, and I don't mind cutting slightly back on speed as long as I can still download relatively high amounts.

Advantages like "data banking" which means that extra data allowence you purchess rolls over to the next months, unlike many other ISPS.

The big one is off peak hours though. anything you download between 1am and 7am does not towards your cap. That one is great :)

Yeah, the second one sounds brilliant. I will go have a look. What's the name of the plan you're on with them?

Also, I looked at cablesdirect, but the kind of printer cables they had are ones like parallel printer cables, whereas I'm looking for a specific power cord for a specific printer. I will probably just have to go to the manufacturer.

Inferno1, which is the fastest they offer, with the largest cap, being 15gig/month (during peak time)

just click the match book, then pick the options.

What sort of printer cable are you after?
what shape plug does it have? what voltage/ampage is it?
it should be written on the back of the printer near the plug.

Ooops, forgot to write it down - just the model number. Will check later.

Hm, apparently my printer has been 'deleted' as a current line and cartridges are no longer available. Well, I have a few spare cartridges...

Thanks for all these tips.

Aw, I have to say, I like Kinky Boots! Good for a laugh.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night and really enjoyed it, so I recommend that next time you're stuck!

It was charming in many places, but I didn't find anything actually hilarious.

Got it, thanks. Another movie that I won't have chosen by my own misguided will. What sort of mood is Little Miss Sunshine best for?

You've picked some good movies in the past...I think the problem is that you think too much about it lol.

Just pick something spontaneously next time and see if you have any better luck!

You're right... You've spent several hours in a video store with me. Sometimes, several hours at a time. Overthought answer much though? :P :P And have you seen anything good lately, Topaz?

I love Kinky Boots for Chiwetel. He's just glorious.

He was definitely the main attraction. I appreciated the feminine side of his Lola character far more after seeing his definitely masculine Operative character.

He's awesome in everything. Hve you seen Dirty Pretty Things? It's grim, but he's so wonderful. I might have a bit of a crush, really.

I haven't. That's a slightly mixed recommendation =/ - as I asked Tui, what sort of mood would you say it's good for? ^!^

Hmm... probably best for a night you're prepared to be sad and fully engage. Maybe if you ever do two night movie combos like something heavy then something light. We do that sometimes.

The movie Chiwetel does that I'd recommend most though is Children of Men. Serious Sci-Fi. Much better than the book I think.

I liked Kinky Boots, although I agree that the main character was weak and the plot was a bit obvious

The last twenty minutes of the movie just annoyed me. It increased fights, tension, stupidity in a really unnecessary way - especially for a film that claimed 'Based on a true story'.

Of course, I did watch it all up until the last ten minutes.

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