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(no subject)
SSar's Beast
Happy Feast of the Three Kings, everyone. I am especially fond of this day because some years I use it as my excuse to give people gifts I didn't manage to get to them in time for Christmas. "Hey, Jesus had to wait for his gold and myrrh and frankincense too!"

It's been a good day. Talked to prospective new landlady, had pizza with Joel, hung out at the airport for two hours with a friend who alighted there on her way between Nelson and Auckland.

...actually, it was going to be a ramble, but it was determined to be mopey, so this poem says it better:

The Higher Reaches

A man had less and less to say,
and said it better and better.

"Soon," he gloated, "I'll have
nothing to say, and I'll say it

-Bruce Bennett.