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'And all the rain falls down - amen! - on the work of last year's man'
SSar's Beast
Year's End

Now the seasons are closing their files
on each of us, the heavy drawers
full of certificates rolling back
into the tree trunks, a few old papers
flocking away. Someone we loved
has fallen from our thoughts,
making a little, glittering splash
like a bicycle pushed by a breeze.
Otherwise, not much has happened;
we fell in love again, finding
that one red feather on the wind.

-Ted Kooser

Year, wow.

My greatest achievement was managing to carry a huge full bowl of black forest punch from home to the bottom of blairette's terrifying stairs without spilling a drop. My strangest adventure was when I left my cellphone in a drunk woman's purse by accident. I went to my first funeral and my first wedding. I had the amazing privilege to go to England on a month's holiday (despite being a poor undergraduate student) and while I was there, I saw my friends get married, and my boyfriend proposed to me. I completed my undergraduate studies with excellent grades. None of my close friends or relatives died or were struck down with serious illness or financial devastation.

I've done no creative writing whatsoever and almost no editing. My snail mail correspondence has shrunk to nearly nothing. Running has been minimal and I've gained a lot of weight. Some of my friends have become less close; some of my friends have disappeared from my life, and in some cases I'm not sure why. I also made a few friends; Erin and Stephanie and Corey and Miriam, for example. My parents' relationship has grown much more visibly strained.

There is not a lot of 2008 that I wish to renounce with the new year. There are parts of me that I'd like to leave behind or revamp. I desire for myself more awareness of the world, better fitness, a lot more writing, and I want to finally learn to play the harmonica. I don't want to be afraid of anything I don't need to fear (like university assignments). I want all my friends to know how I value them.

It doesn't seem as though 2007 was all that long ago.

I wish for courage and serenity for everyone (you will have to bring the wisdom). As far as 2008 goes, there is a proverb I have mostly forgotten which I will paraphrase for my own purposes: May the year gone by be like a harvest. Blow away the chaff and keep the grain.

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Someone on my flist said quoted a saying that I liked very much: May the best of your past be the worst of your future. I hope the grain you grow this year is even better than the grain you kept from last year.

WHAT? he proposed to you? Did you feed me that little snippet of information when we met at the library? or do propositions somehow slip pass my attention these days?

oh and I was going to say 'congratulations' but you don't actually specify that you said 'yes'.

I might have mentioned. Then again I might have blithely assumed that you knew. Yes, we're getting married Some Time In 2010. Thank you for the congrats :D

I know, it's a nice quiet little poem with quite a few things behind it.

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