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SSar's Beast

Further awesome: my good friend Susy was accepted into Vic's Creative Writing Masters programme, and even better, she has been persuaded to come down to Wellington and take it. It'll be really neat to have her around in 2009. Partly because she is a different brand of geek than most of the ones I know. (If she even considers herself a geek). And I have great conversations with her.

Also, so she's doing Masters and I'm doing Honours and she's sixteen months younger than me, but hey, half of her portfolio went through pages of editing commentary from me, so I feel I helped out here a bit.

Meanwhile, Pip said that she and Tim are coming down to Wellington "in the New Year". So that means that I am guaranteed quite a bit of time with my two closest Auckland friends this year. Yay!

Dad eventually warmed up and we bonded a bit over our kitty cat. Thank goodness. My parents really liked the presents I got them, and they gave me a huge electric crockpot, a sort of headband light to wear on my forehead when I go running in the dark (very odd but thoughtful) and a box of clothes. Dear parents, thank you. This was all much nicer than I thought it was going to be earlier today.

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woo! goodness all round.
Let me know when pip is in town?

Its been years since I saw her last, and it will be good to at last meet the elusive Tim.

Second week of February. Hopefully they will be crashing with us, in our new place, wherever that's going to be.

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