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Wait up, Christmas
SSar's Beast
I got sunburnt walking from Victoria St to Tory St. Literally only that far. Gah.

However, I accomplished Mission: Kitchen Drop.

I'm working on Mission: Educate Joel about Christmas.

He has now wrapped his first Christmas presents (quite adequately) and has learned that Christmas trees have water at the bottom so watching them fall over is not a spectator sport.

(This Christmas tree is a bit much for me. The best I can currently do is rotate it so that the same side isn't squished from leaning against the window all the time. I'm TRYING.)

Next year, I'm going to be organised and steal my parents' enormous carol book and stupendous Big Box of Decorations. This year it's just tiny bricks of ham and a too-dense tree. But I think I got Joel's birthday right.


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