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Last day of happiness meme (for yesterday)
SSar's Beast
-Dinner at Nik's new flat, which was awesome and full of discussion. This counts because we took a taxi home at half past midnight.

-I bought a Christmas tree! And I managed to get it to stand upright in its bucket with the strategic placement of some pilfered rocks.

-Sam's barbeque! Lots of food, several people. Being nearly force-fed yummy desserts.

-A very quiet evening (New flatmate was yet again thwarted in his plans to move in).

But it couldn't really have been a bad day even if all of the above had gone wrong, as it was six months to the day that Ellen and Paul got married, and Joel proposed to me. Happy half-anniversary, you two.

Today is Joel's birthday (also the same anniversary as above, if you are going by international time and not calendar dates) and I have made him a cooked breakfast. It is a beautiful day outside.

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Oh noes. I was so going to send Joel a happy birthday email earlier in the day but I forgot! Please pass on my birthday wishes to him, and a hug. :)

Oh and happy half-anniversary.

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