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Day 5 of happy meme
SSar's Beast
-I went into Arty Bees (the Bizzy Bees branch) and, in the course of searching all over the store "I want biographies! No, I want coffee-table type travel books with lots of pictures! I want John D. Macdonald!" got into a fun conversation with Matt, the manager (I think) in which he recommended a horror/humour writer and we talked about how great and also how awful John Ringo is. The staff at that store are brilliant - always cheerful and interested, even on the occasion when they don't know much about your preferred area, and that guy in particular always makes me feel like *I* know what I'm talking about. Much fun!

Also my Christmas shopping was far less full of fail than it was yesterday.

And in the ten minutes Joel just used to run to the dairy, I bought him a present, aided in the finding of this present by the knowledgeable starzend.

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I like finding things!

Glad to be of service :D

Well, it was extremely useful. Thanks for answering a query during work time, too. ^!^

By the way, I'm not seeing any information about barbeque spots in the Botanical Gardens. It might have to be at Sam's house after all.

I know there are bbq spots in the botanical gardns, but right now I can't find any infos on it either.

nick was the one who said you could rent them, I guess we should ask him, I will try to remember but won't be seeing him till this evening/tommorrow sme time most likley.

brain gone, good night.

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