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SSar's Beast
Day 2 of meme of happiness.

OK, happy things from today:

-I have never had a day go so fast at this workplace. I looked up. It was 10am. I looked up. It was 15:19. I looked up, and thought, "oh, must run for the mailbag, it's ten minutes before they come to pick it up... that's right, because it's also ten minutes before I must leave today."

-The dairy on the way home between knitting and home stays open late and vastly exceeded my expectations for supply tonight. Cranberry juice and Whittaker's chocolate for the win.

Joel and I had a ridiculously stereotypical huff in which he worked late at the "office" aka not office and I waited on him to cook dinner. It was practically scripted and very middle-age. I don't like to think that I am turning 40 without also turning cool (I like to think I will be much more awesome when I'm older). Joel, you must keep me YOUNG so that I have time to become cool.

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But you already are cool, dear. ^^ <3

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