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News, meme, accidental ranting.
SSar's Beast
I am doing a meme, courtesy of neleh_yam, which requires me to post about one happy thing per day for eight days. It sounds nice. Sensible even.

Today it would be all the quotes from the game which I can remember (there are strangely few of them), probably something to do with Helen's character wielding "Small Child onna Stick". (okay, child-ghoul, we rescued the real child.) That was amusing. And I managed to make a Very Good silver knife with which we will go hunting vampires, because apparently the Gentry weren't enough of a problem. Sigh.

We have a new flatmate who moves in on Thursday. He is called Axel. Yes we already have a flatmate called Alex. So marking things in the fridge with 'A' won't work so well. You were saying.

After reading more stuff about Twilight I seriously can't believe a) that they made a movie of it and b) that they're making MORE movies. Maybe it's for the same reason that after Harry Potter books got popular, heaps of perfectly normal, good, kids' books suddenly had "If you like Harry Potter you'll like this" tags on them. That really annoyed me, particularly with the books I'd loved for years. But maybe someone just thought, "hey, the Harry Potter books made moneylicious movies, let's make a similar movie series out of books that are popular with Teh Younger Crowd." Maybe.

And I can't find the apparently awesome Cleolinda review from which the quote "Twilight means never having to say you're kidding" apparently comes.

To explain, I did read Twilight, and put down the book going, "it's like eating sawdust makes you hungry," and went in search of Sunshine and Dracula for *actually good* vampire books. Nik says she will lend me her copy of Dracula, huzzah.

It's not that Twilight was silly and purple-prosy and overall... ridiculous. It's that it was BLAND. Even the scene where vampire-boyfriend saves mortal-girlfriend from out-of-control van and tried to pretend that he didn't made me go, "Wait, if this was written right, this is the kind of thing I might like! Where is the fun that was meant to be in it?"

Whew! time to go back to my duty-reading, which is something by Bob Jones and a 'reader' of work by Roland Barthes. And, if I survive that, the Penguin History of New Zealand.

EDIT ADD: From cleolinda's commentary on the third book:

'Also hilarious: Edward's plans for how to escape a hypothetically crashing plane: I'd wait till we were close enough to the ground, get a good grip on you, kick out the wall, and jump. Then I'd run you back to the scene of the accident, and we'd stumble around like the two luckiest survivors in history.Somewhere, the entire cast of Lost is giving Edward the finger.'


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I've just finished the fourth one. I don't even remember why I started the mess, but the first one was so mesmerisingly bad. I couldn't fight the urge to copyedit while reading (which is a problem I have with books on occasion if they aren't engaging) and Ian wrote "Dazzledazzle" on miscellaneous things around the house and left them as a surprise. We still have some lamb stew in the freezer that says RazzleDazzle I think.

Somewhere along the way Stephanie Meyer gets either more skill as a writer or a better editor, but she has a case of Terry Goodkind and keeps giving characters new powers to explain away problems. There's actually some good concept in there, but it's poorly executed.

You and Ian are so *inventively* cute.
I didn't find the first one mesmerising, just.. bad. And it made me want something better, so I went and read another author's vampire book instead. And that was great. But I am enjoying this phenomenon From The Fringes.

I think for me it had an element of terrible train wreck - horrified, yet I can't look away. I think that might be courtesy of the buzz. I would never have believed all the dazzledazzle happened. But it did.

I'm not too bothered about the situation with the films, but I do find Robert Pattinson appealing. Eyebrows.

I know this is OT, but do you happen to have a borrowable copy of it? I want to read it a little but the thought of purchasing my own makes me feel dirty. I think checking a copy out of the library will take some time.

Also good:


Sorry, I took it out from the library - and paid $5 for bestseller borrowing. Yes, shame. But just read Cleolinda - http://cleolinda.livejournal.com/630150.html - and you don't even need to read the books. Really.

I never got to ask you about your flat and life in general. So. How are those?

Thank you :) I had encountered Cleolinda in passing but hadn't made the connection. I think this means I am an idiot. Heh. Both are good. Lydia has just returned to the South Island after a week of sleeping in our sun room. I have completed 90% of my Christmas shopping and am waiting on a few orders to arrive. Work is just calming down after a few months of panic. I am remembering how much I like eating chocolate biscuits with orange juice. I am going home for Christmas - I am unspeakably happy about 11 days of holiday due to public service. Tom is flying up to Auckland at some point and we'll be driving back to Wellington together. How are you?

Rargh! Cursed livejournal removed all my spacing :(

Agreed, public service holidays are great. I finish work at 5pm on Christmas Eve - sigh - but I go back on January 5th with automatically paid leave on all the weekdays in between.

Chocolate biscuits sounds nice. I'm trying (but not really) to organise New Year's drinks - are you back by then?

I have completed about 5% of my Christmas shopping. At least I have a birthday present for Joel. But I'm terrible about shopping this year.

I'm pretty good. A bit hayfevery. My mind is constantly occupied with flat-hunting and flat arrangements for next year. As in, Joel tries to give me time-out sessions during which I'm not allowed to talk about it.

I'm the same, except that I've applied for a half-day on the 23rd and have the 24th off so I can fly home earlier. Good stuff.

I won't be back by New Year's, I think we'll be in Tauranga but that time is not yet planned. We're intending to have a slow-ish drive back from Rei-here.

Are you moving out at the end of your lease or something similar? Or am I essentially giving heroin to a drug addict? (in which case, don't answer.)

Yep, moving out at end of lease. Scattering to the winds (probably). And I'm all about "But people! I will miss people!" and fixatedly searching for 1bdrm places on Trademe nonetheless.

...okay, that was pretty restrained.


Also - Cleolinda a *bad* idea. I have been sucked into the void which is www.tvtropes.org

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