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Life blurb
SSar's Beast
Well, someone came around to look at the small room yesterday. He was noncommittal, but didn't freak out about its cupboardness. Three more people are coming around tonight, and I have another email to answer from a foreign traveller who likes the look of the place but won't be here until Wednesday. So this is pretty good. (Today's lot have awesome names - Lara-Dawn, Axel, and AnnClair).

I am home sick and am very annoyed with myself, because I had put Saturday hours on my timesheet. I get paid time and a half for working on Saturday, and there's no point in covering overtime with sick leave. So there goes $100 plus down the drain because of a cold.

Back to bed now. Later I get to figure out how to transfer photos from the digital camera to this computer to Trademe, which will be fun. (Edit Ad: Accomplished! I feel ridiculously pleased about that, given that I am still woozy and the camera and I are fighting over who enjoys beauty sleep more. Here is the link to our flat ad.) And Joel will get home later too.