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A genuine post of News
SSar's Beast

First off, Joel and I had been together for exactly 3 years on Saturday, so we planned ourselves a really nice day including pancakes and a movie and then Cordelia & Rueben's piratical birthday party. And there was sweetness and light. In terms of the pirate party, lots of light - there were gorgeous fairy lights everywhere. They make your lounge look really nice, blairette.

After discovering in the footnotes of Henryson's 'Testament of Cresseid' that 'pirate' is an alternate name for a kind of Scottish pear cider, I decided to bring along to Cordy's party a mixture of mulled apple juice and pears. It wasn't that hard to make - the only problem was that I had to carry it in supermarket juice bottles, which meant I needed to put the pear slices through the blender, which created a dubious consistency. It would have looked much better, and more punch-like, if the finished product hadn't needed to be able to fit through a funnel. Oh well. At the party, it was christened "Liquid apple pie" because that is what it tasted like.

The jewellers - who are growing more apologetic and apopletic - seem to have lost my engagement ring. That is, the courier package has disappeared off the radar in its transit between the workshop and the store. To be honest, I feel sorry for them, although I assume that it was insured, but it doesn't affect me hugely. I wish I could have had the ring in time for the aforementioned 3-year anniversary, but now that that has passed, I have no real deadline. Helen has already ordered in more stones for me to look at for the centre stone, and they have dealt with us professionally so far, so I do not really think our deposit is in jeopardy. The misplacement of the ring had nothing to do with us, after all.

After a series of increasingly weirder emails between my father and myself, our family got together on the phone and sorted out Christmas. I am visiting my parents between 26th and 30th December. I am relieved. During the course of this I did get a little bit manic, because of comments from the parentals like "However, flying up here just for [my birthday] will not please me at all, for a number of reasons... ecological, emotional, personal, whatever. Please don’t do it" and "I'd come, but I'm sick of playing Happy Families". There still seem to be issues, but at least I get a Christmas. And Christmas Day itself will be spent just with Joel, and I think that is right for now and for the future.

I am getting a new computer tomorrow, if all goes well! An aluminium MacBook. Exciting!

Nik is moving out in a week and a half. Her new flat is apparently awesome. We are excited for her! There was enough reserve in the flat account to release her bond from this flat, which I feel proud of as manager of flat funds. I hope we get a new flatmate secured soon, but I'm not too stressed about it.

The hayfever medicine I took this morning appears to be working. Not only because I am not sneezing, but because I feel like a zombie. Why do hayfever medicines increase drowsiness? I guess I'll try to find out later, but meanwhile I'm drinking lots of crappy work coffee and listening to music so that I don't fall asleep at my desk. My reflexes are ludicrous. Still, if the coffee works then I don't mind the dizziness so much. I hate hayfever symptoms quite passionately. They are the reason I have almost *no* memories of Oxford.

(Joel: "And there was an acappella choir singing Queen!"
SSar: "I don't remember that!")

And several people are coming around for dinner tonight and that makes me happy. I love feeding people.

Love to everyone.

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Urgh, hayfever - my sympathies. One peril of international travel: experiencing hayfever season twice in one year! Oddly, I have only ever had hayfever in the northern hemisphere. Fingers crossed that this remains the case...

Re the feeding of people, may I please request a decadent chocolate cake for Saturday? My mother is determined to help me lose weight, which I mostly appreciate, but it does mean that chocolate is in short supply at my house! Also, when should I show up for dinner?

I love your icon. Certainly there can be chocolate cake. How about 6:30pm? Which means that however I intend it, dinner will probably be at seven - sigh.

Indeed, I found the English pollen overwhelming, much worse than my usual NZ summer hayfever. Hopefully your English summers will have toughened you up to complete NZ resistance.

Very belated answer, just in case Joel doesn't check his email today - 6.30pm is fine, thanks, and I will see you then :)


I hope steak is okay, and that you have no hatred of any particular veges.

Congratulations on the three year mark! I too seem to have hayfever- which drug are you using?

Something possibly expired and also possibly American, called "Equate". Claratyne is so expensive! So is the one whose name starts with L - Lora something? I could have cried last year when the pharmacist charged me $20 for ten days worth of pills (which didn't work very well). Those were a desperate ten days.

Are you using anything that works for you? *selfish hope and hope for you*

No sadly I'm not. I'm only a new convert to the hayfever. I'm looking for something to ease it a little. I must say I'm sad to hear that most of the drugs are expensive.

Ooh, a new computer! Exciting.

In my experience, pirate parties are always awesome. XD

Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary! I hope they find your ring!

Heh, me too, it must be really embarrassing for them.

There seem to have been a lot of pirate parties lately! But you know what they say about ninja parties.

I *am* excited about this new computer, except that I've been expecting to buy it for two months so the anticipation may have deflated it somehow. Expect extra excitement once I have it and am trying it out.

Love to you too m'dear. I'm glad you had fun at the party - and hurrah for the anniversary!

Thanks. ^!^ I wonder, did Freya wear those boots all of Sunday?!

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