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And for our next trick, we will kick a puppy
SSar's Beast
Right. I have mentioned before that the bulk of my job is writing letters to fishermen explaining that they're filling out their forms the wrong way.

I was doing some filing today and came across a type of "effort" form which this fisherman is required to fill out every day when they're at sea. This particular form simply had written across it, "At anchor. Have a happy day - I am!" with a great big smiley face. This made me smile. Then I stopped smiling, because you are not meant to send in effort forms with no data on them. That is filling out your forms the wrong way. So I flicked the page over and, sure enough, there was a copy of the form with "CANCELLED" and a signature written right over the smiley face, because Hayley (whose client this was) had had to send the form back to the fisherman so he could cancel it and send it back to her.

I took it over to Hayley and she said, "I know! I nearly cried!" We both looked at the form.

Imagine sending that form off with great goodwill and getting it back with an emotionless request to please cancel the form as it was not required, and you will have to pay to post it back to us.

Awww man. I felt so bad. I nearly had to go outside for a bit. Gorram bureaucracy. Like asking someone to cancel a birthday card they'd sent you.

Yours truly, a minion of the minions of the Ministry of Fisheries, cancelling your happy days and smilies.

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does the reply HAVE to be impersonal?

No, but I think Hayley's was as she couldn't figure out what to say.

I would have been very persuasive until my team leader agreed I didn't have to send it back, or, I don't know, maybe I would have included candy.

Still. Cancelling smilies.

That is truly miserable, really.

And if there's any puppy-kicking going on, I hope the people involved fill out their forms properly...

I wash my hands of any puppy-kicking forms! Good grief, what a dreadful idea.

Sorry about that. *Hugs* Red tape can be so annoying at times...

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