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Brief other thoughts
SSar's Beast
My boss's wife Christine died over the weekend. This was very sad but not shocking, as she had fought cancer for longer than I've worked here, and had been extremely weak over the last couple of months. The office is somewhat gloomy. It is our second funeral this year.

My summer course was cancelled due to lack of interest. Only two other people enrolled. This doesn't really affect my degree, thank goodness, but it leaves me at a bit of a loose end. I don't really know if there'll be enough work to keep me busy over summer. Today, as yesterday, I ran out of my normal duties at noon.

I'm feeling cautiously OK about the results of the New Zealand election. While wary of John Key and his leering, I don't think he's going to entirely wreck the country. And voting is only the most passive part of the democratic process.

Can anyone in Wellington recommend a good dentist? With one thing or another I've always gone for a check-up during visits to Auckland.

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I went Here a while ago.
They were nice enough.
Dentists etc.

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