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Oh, what the hey.
SSar's Beast
I would like to make a general announcement that, while in England, Joel proposed and I said yes. We are now engaged to be married. This is generally glorious.

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Splendid! I believe you two shall be insane and happy and insanely happy with each other. :D

Heh. Bun, I thought of you, as Joel proposed on what would be, in NZ time, June 22nd, and Joel's birthday is also on December 22nd. See the ironic parallel? *hugs ironic parallel*

(Deleted comment)
Whhat! Such a delayed announcement!
So happy for you! ^_^

I know! There were people I wanted to tell in person first, and then I figured I'd better hurry up and let everyone know. Partly complicated by my temporary lack of ring.


(I know I don't actually know you, but I thought this post deserved a comment :D)

Heh. Thank you, mysterious fellow Wellingtonian.

that's utterly fantastic!

(according to Aja, Joel was really enthusiastic for you to catch the bouquet, so I think she knew then)

*grins* Thanks. Actually, he proposed in between the wedding and the reception, so I wasn't technically eligible for any bouquet-catching. But it meant I got to smirk a lot as they hustled me into the hall for when Ellen threw it.

Congratulations, sweetie-pie! When do you reckon you guys will have the wedding?

Sorry I missed you at knitting club on Monday- after all this time I've been hassling you to come! Was otherwise engaged. ;P Tehe! See you this Mon?

Yes, you will, and I'm bringing a guest.

Er, not for AGES. 2010, probably.

Oh, *right*, and of course you were busy on Monday night. *beams* Good on you.

OMG Ssar thats awesome :) :)

I'm glad you agree! ^!^ Thanks Sas.

Grats grats grats ^^ England proposal sounds cute.

It was, and thanks! Your icon is somewhat ironic.

Oh wow, that's wonderful, SSar! Congratulations!

I am so thrilled!!!

I'm seriously having a spastic attack.

uhoh! but at least it is a bliss attack. Hugs.

Hey Congratulations!! England and a proposal...NICE!

Very swish, eh?
It was very nice to see you yesterday! You looked very chipper! I hear you're in town until next Saturday (19th I suppose)?

Knowing about this already makes it no less cool. I wish I could give you sage advice but our civil union was completely unco!
Go you two :D and remember I still owe you food...

You do! I look forward to it, your cooking experiments sound delicious. Be sure to keep a crafty eye on them whenever they're cooling on your windowsills.

And, thank you. Hugs so much.

This is super belated.
But congrats! :D

Well, I'm still excited, so I'd say it's timely enough. :) Thanks.

Congrats! *big hug*

And, given that I took so long to actually post a comment, I was wondering if he's gotten you a ring yet?

I was bored at work the other day and thinking about wedding presents. 'If I was going to make something, what would Joel like? Ooh! Buffy! No, wait, he'd probably prefer Joss...' *g*

Aww, thanks.
Nope, no ring, because I have to pick it. Currently I am drawing possible designs in my notebook.

The wedding won't be for a while so you have a while to decide on presenty stuff! ^!^ But I don't think we expect much!

How've you been, anyway?

Bit pooped at the moment, actually. Just finished tea (however much it makes me feel like a hobbit, I have to admit that it was second tea, as I ate early before dancing and was hungry again by the time I got home half an hour ago), turned the TV back on and the men's team pursuit final (NZ vs Aus for the bronze) was just starting, so yay for timing!

Been watching a lot more of the games than I'd thought I would - got hooked due to the rowing, and couldn't stop watching on Saturday, so I saw Roulston win silver for the individual pursuit (cycling), and then Vili win gold in the small hours of the morning.

Go NZ! We've only just lost our fourth rider, Aus lost theirs a while before... last lap... WE DID IT! Another bronze! Roulston's second medal these games. Slightly slower than yesterday's qualifying time, but still under 4 minutes - they were the first NZ cycling team to do so with their first race the other day, then broke their new record to qualify for the bronze race.

I hope you are catching up on sleep now that the Games are over. Do you always watch them with this much enthusiasm? I'm afraid I haven't really watched them since high school - although I did get drawn into the rowing last Saturday.

Not yet! Still up to watch the closing ceremony.

No, last time I watched hardly any of them. Even leading up to these ones I wasn't all that interested - figured I might watch the opening ceremony and perhaps a bit of the gymnastics. It was the first rowing races that got me hooked. Mum and Dad have been away since last Saturday, so I moved my laptop into the living room after work that night and parked myself between the heater and the TV for most of the week, excluding work/dancing/sleep. I haven't necessarily been paying attention to it all the time, but I've had the TV on for most of the first half of the week, and the evenings of the rest of the week.

But I managed to see virtually all our medals being won live on TV1 or the TVNZ website... hence the odd posts in the wee small hours of the morning, and texts off to Dad at similar times... *g*

Hence also I'm not entirely sure all my texting and posting has entirely made sense... ^_^

Oh, my. This comes as a blow to my evil plans to take over the world.

You'll be so happy! How could I stand a happy minion?!

I'm sorry, I know this will be a stab in the general lower regions for you, but I am absolving your minionship. and shake your hand most fervently at such a event occurring. Yayness in big bunches for you!

(You'd make a better henchman, anyway... Then again, so would Joel... maybe now I get two for the price of one...)

Congrats again!!!

oh god, no longer a minion? *cries* But can I be an Evil Consultant? And I take your hand-shaking in a grateful and pleased fashion.

Thank you, Fezu.

Well, Consultants by themselves are evil, so I can't see why not... What would you consult for me about?

Language planning, compulsory craftwork, and oral storytelling.

Compulsory craftwork... Sounds like I'll be making the world seem like a craft show... But all the others I would employ you for. Languages need extensive planning, while there is a distinct lack of decent oral storytelling these days. I am glad I have you to consult me on these topics!

Congratulations and Salutations


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